vendredi 7 janvier 2011

Chardeuil à Londres

Et voici la présentation, dans la langue de Shakespeare, du voyage en Angleterre qui a permis à 48 lycéens de découvrir Londres du 12 au 17 décembre 2010.

We left Chardeuil on Sunday, December 12 at 8 pm. We arrived in Calais at 7 am.

We took the ferry and arrived in Dover at 9 am.

We visited Canterbury and...

went to host families on Tuesday at half past eight to 7 pm.

We went to Buckingham Palace and Arsenal Stadium and we went to Camden Market.

On Wednesday, we went to Windsor castle and...

visited Tower Bridge Experience.

On Thursday at half past ten, we visited the Tower of London and then we discovered Covent Garden.

We had free time in Regent Street and Oxford Street and went back to Folkestone. We took the shuttle at twenty past eleven.

Texte écrit par Jules Jacquette.

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